Where Do You Want To Ride To?
Riding the road, or just out for a leisurely cruise. Maybe tearing up some gravel
or shredding in the mountains. Wheelcraft is excited to offer some of
the most popular, cycling community submitted maps. Start by signing up
for Strava and joining our club Friends of Wheelcraft today!!!

Out for Adventure
With so many back roads, trails, and cyclocross rides these
gravel and adventure rides are for you!
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From Wheeling To The Palace of Gold
Fairly Easy Gravel Ride With A Big Hill Towards the End
Activity Level: Medium

Earth Day Gravel Ride
Activity Level: Hard

For the Roadies
Looking for that perfect road ride? Maybe hill climbs for challenge,
training for that race, or for fitness. We’ve got ya’ covered.
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Just Another Dirty Dozen
Exceptionally Challenging Hill Climbing Course
Activity Level: Challenging

Full Ride of the Heritage Trail Plus Some Extra
Go Slow, Go Fast It Can Be an Enjoyable Day Out or a Great Half Century
Activity Level: Easy to Medium(distance is ~50 miles)

Just Cruisin’ Around
New to cycling or just wanting a fun ride with the family?
These rides are for you. Click Here for more activities. 

One of the best rides to enjoy an afternoon out on the Heritage Trail.
It’s also the Wednesday evening ride for Bike Wheeling as weather allows.
Activity Level: Easy

And another loop.
Activity Level: Medium

Getting in the Mountains!
If you want to get out in the woods and shred some gnar.
Then look no further.
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Is there a KOM challenge for this?
Activity Level: Hard

Submit your map today to make me stop riding the same loop!
Activity Level: Challenging

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  2. Start and record your ride. Please pick a publicly accessible starting point and ride for everyone’s ease/safety and your privacy.
  3. Submit your ride via email the email provided below with the following:
    ->Brief description and Ride Type: Gravel, Road, Cruising, Mountain
    ->If submitting an event and Strava map you would like added to our Calendar
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  5. Not all submitted rides will be used due to duplicates, space, and site management. We encourage you to join our club to discover
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This feature is provided free of charge to support the regional cycling community.
Maps are community submitted and Wheelcraft claims no responsibility for route safety
or any damages during any given ride. Routes may have changes due to construction,
weather, and other issues. Please ride safely and responsibly, and always wear a helmet.